Cat Hair Art Is Our Next Quarantine Hobby

As we enter another week of quarantine, we’re on the hunt for even more things to do with all of this downtime. Sure, there are movies to watch, puzzles to make, board games to play, and a smattering of other activities to pass the time. But none of them are chaotic enough to give us that visceral thrill.

That’s why we’re thinking about taking up cat hair art. Yes, that’s a thing. If you’re a cat owner, you can get in on this strange hobby, too.

Instagram user @rojiman owns a few Scottish Fold cats and adorns their pretty little heads with hats made of their own fur. They have a wide range of different hats for the kitties, including holiday-themed party hats and hats that look like other animals.

Inspired by this strange hobby, we decided to take to YouTube for instructional guides, and were not disappointed. It turns out that making cat hair art is incredibly easy! As you can see in the video below, all it really takes is a lot of cat hair, a healthy dose of patience, and a creative idea for what style of hat you want to make.

Gather up the hair, knead it into a ball (sort of like you’re making bread), flatten the hair, and shape it. Then comes the fun part of actually putting it back on your cat. They’ll probably be confused or disinterested, or maybe they’ll try to eat it. Any option is entertaining.

There are more complicated ways of making cat hair hats, as evidenced in this video from YouTuber Corinne Leigh, but even a cat hat mold isn’t all that time-consuming. Not compared to other, more strenuous quarantine activities.

If any of this captures your attention, you can graduate to the next step: buying a whole dang book about cat hair art. Because yes, there is one. Kaori Tsutaya blessed us with Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat back in 2011 and it’s currently available on Amazon.

Crafting with Cat Hair book cover.Quirk Books

We have no idea if this is the healthiest or sanest activity there is, but who cares! It looks fun, silly, and will absolutely keep us entertained. Why not wear that “ crazy cat owner” title with pride?

Featured Image: Quirk Books

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