CastAR Wants to Change Tabletop Gaming Forever

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CastAR is a company that is headed up by Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson that works largely in augmented reality. They’ve created augmented reality glass that can essentially weave animation and other images into what we see in the real world. If that sounds awesome, then you’ll love where they see the AR glass fitting naturally: the world of tabletop gaming.

In an interview with Gamesbeat, Ellsworth explained using the CastAR system to enhance your gaming. For now, the system projects holographic images that lay on top of the real world, but Ellsworth sees the technology evolving rapidly. The technology could even evolve into something similar to what we see in Star Wars: A New Hope, projecting virtual pieces to play with on to our tabletops. But for now, CastAR provides users with an easy to use 3D mixed reality experience. Just slip on the glasses to see the projected holographic images on your tabletop, and get to playing!

But more than a cool, futuristic piece of technology, Ellsworth wants CastAR to be a fun, thrilling, and highly social gaming experience. The company plans to create to produce content that is a prolonged experience, rather than a high-intensity gaming interaction that is over quickly. That’s what separates CastAR from other products like Oculus. Though both are awesome, they’re trying to do different things. CastAR’s focus is using technology to kick tabletop gaming up a notch using mixed reality without causing you to dump out your bank account. Ultimately, CastAR aspires to be a system that is accessible for all players, whether they’re a tech junkie or just really love board games. After raising $15 million, CastAR is finally ready to send out its first generation product to buyers, which means we’re all one step closer to mixed reality tabletop nights. I cannot wait to see how this changes tabletop.

Would you incorporate CastAR to your tabletop nights? Does the mixed reality system sound fun or do you prefer something wholly immersive like Oculus? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Image credit: CastAR

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