Clam-O-Naise Mayo Has a CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY Deck in Every Jar

There are so many weird food products for sale that it’s hard for anything to shock us too much. Hot dog candy corn? Sure we’ll try it. Ranch egg nog? Yeah, fine, let’s have a holiday toast. And the latest bizarre concoction, clam-flavored mayonnaise? Heck, Hellman’s already did that! However, there is one thing about the all-new Clam-O-Naise that caught us off guard: who makes it. Because this seafood spread comes from Cards Against Humanity, and every Clam-O-Naise jar includes a deck of cards for the game inside the mayo.

A jar of Cards Against Humanity's Clam-O-Naise clam-flavored mayo
Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity‘s new Clam-O-Naise (which we first heard about Boing Boing) is a “tangy, smoky, garlicky flavor, with just a hint of real clams.” Uh…yum? (At the very least it sounds a lot better than clam candy canes. Plus the company developed it with real chefs and food scientists and swears it tastes good.) The unusual condiment costs $9.99 for 20-ounce jar at Target. And it even comes with its own line of merchandise. At the Clam-O-Naise online store you can grab clam-adorned shirts, hats, bumper sticker, mugs, pajamas, and even a copy of Moby Dick altered to be entirely about clams and mayo.

But if you want 30 all-new cards for your copy of Cards Against Humanity you’ll need to dig into your Clam-O-Naise. Inside each jar (honestly) is a deck for the popular party game. That’s not all, though. Alongside the cards you’ll also find a Mystery Clam-O-Prize. Get a special jar and you can win “real pearls, Clam-O-Merch, or even a car!”

I don’t care how delicious or gross Clam-O-Naise might be. I don’t even care how weird it will be pulling a deck of playing cards out of a jar of mayo. If I win a car because I bought a strange condiment from Cards Against Humanity it will be the greatest meal of my life. And there’s nothing strange about that.

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