This Car Commercial Brings the 1980s D&D Cartoon Back to Life

Car manufacturer Renault certainly knows how to roll a performance check! A recently released commercial in Brazil for the KWID Outsider highlights the adventures you can find in the new SUV. To help them on this epic quest, the characters of the classic 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon step out of animation into a fiery real-world adventure that begs to be watched over and over.

Hank, Eric, Diana, Presto, Sheila, Bobby and, oh yes, Uni face off against an appropriately menacing and imposing-looking Tiamat in this unforgettable commercial.

The Dungeon Master rides to their rescue in the SUV, telling the kids that it’s finally time to go home and the entire adventuring party climbs in (Roomy!). Diana takes the wheel, kicking up dirt as they race to escape the vile Venger in a chase scene worthy of all your favorite fantasy battles.

For those faithful viewers who always wanted to see a true finale for the young heroes, seeing them climb out of the car and safely back in the amusement park where it all started makes the commercial well worth the two minutes of your time. In fact, in an era of animated to “live action” adaptations, this all-too-short commercial might make you realize that the live-action adaptation you really want is now an updated Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

Renault also created a fascinating behind-the-scenes video (also in Portuguese) to show you how they made the magic happen. You might be surprised to see that the Dungeon Master was actually an actor on set in a mask, which was later replaced by CGI. Even with the language barrier, it’s obvious that making the commercial was a labor of love and the creators are fans of the old animated series.

Are you suddenly ready for a live-action reboot of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Renault

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