The Internet’s Best Reactions to the CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer

Marvel finally released the first trailer for Captain Marvel, and it was everything we hoped it could be. We got to see Carol Danvers in action in her Kree uniform. We saw her kicking ass as a fighter pilot in the Air Force. And we even got a few looks at her iconic red, blue, and gold suit. Unsurprisingly, it is giving MCU fans and fans of the  Captain Marvel comics a lot of feelings. So naturally, fans took to the internet to share how the trailer impacted their lives—including Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson. She tweeted out the newly released poster of the film, along with a cute and funny message to her mom, and it’s just filled our hearts with so much joy.

But it wasn’t just Brie Larson who had big feelings about the movie. In fact, some fans were so overcome they just had to take to share how blown away they were by the trailer.

Of course, with the trailer’s emphasis on female empowerment, several Marvel fans took to Twitter to express how excited they were for this huge step forward in the MCU, and how important it is to see female heroes represented on the big screen.

But beyond the huge steps forward, there were tons of little moments in the trailer that had people talking.

And while fans were excited about the shots of young Coulson and young Nick Fury, there was a shocking amount of excitement over the ’90s-tastic cameo from Blockbuster Video.

The internet is ablaze with excitement over the Captain Marvel trailer, and we are here for it. Now, if you need us, we’ll be watching that trailer a few million more times before the movie hits theaters on March 8.

What were some of your favorite reactions to the Captain Marvel trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Marvel/Disney

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