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Go Binary with DIY Captain Marvel Coasters

Time to take your gift-giving cosmic! If you’re shopping for the Carol Corps member in your life but it’s too early to get your hands on any Captain Marvel merchandise, why not make your own present?

This easy DIY Captain Marvel coaster is made from affordable components and can be finished at the last minute. In fact, you’ll have enough time to make a complete set to really save the day this holiday season!

What You’ll Need

Four-inch ceramic tiles (found at Home Depot or Lowe’s)
Large “king-size” black permanent marker
Rubbing alcohol
Small spray bottle
Gold vinyl adhesive sheet
White acrylic paint
Captain Marvel star template
Black adhesive-backed felt

Get Started!

Step One: Begin by printing the Captain Marvel template link above. Cut it out and set aside.

Step Two: Next, begin covering the ceramic tile completely in black permanent marker, leaving as little white space as possible. Be sure to go over the sides of the tiles as well.

Step Three: Fill a small, clean spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Lightly spray the tile with a mist of rubbing alcohol–less is more! The permanent marker ink will react immediately. Let the tile dry completely.Note: Do not let children use this technique unsupervised.

Step Four: Trace the Captain Marvel star on the back of the gold vinyl sheet and cut it out. Cut four small strips of the gold vinyl using the lines on the back of the sheet as a guide.

Step Five: Peel the backing from the star and press it gently to the center of the tile. Avoid trapping any air bubbles as you press it down.

Step Six: Use the paper backing from the star as a guide and mark the edges of the star on two strips of the gold vinyl. Cut the strips. Repeat on the other side of the star with the remaining two strips.

Step Seven: Remove the paper backing from the stripes and apply on either side of the star, making sure the stripes are evenly spaced and straight. Wrap the ends of the stripes around the back and press firmly.

Step Eight: Cut a square of the black felt smaller than the tile. Remove the paper backing and stick the black felt to the back side of the coaster.

Step Nine: Dip the end of a small paintbrush in the white acrylic paint and press it to the coaster to paint stars. Paint as many as you’d like!

Step Ten: Once all paint is dry, your cosmic coasters are complete!

All Photos: Kelly Knox

Captain Marvel Image: Marvel Studios

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