Captain America readies the Avengers for the fight of their lives with a rousing speech in a new teaser for Marvel’s Endgame.

We are mere weeks away from Avengers: Endgame, when the surviving members of Earth’s mightiest heroes will try and undo the Snap. We’ve been fired up for the film from the second Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel in Infinity War. In a new promo for the film, “Mission,” we see Steve Rogers giving a powerful pep talk to the team. How powerful? It even impresses Rocket Raccoon. But it’s also the latest sign their first attempt to restore half of all life in the universe won’t go well.

“He’s pretty good at that.”

Scott Lang geeking out every time Captain America does something awesome is the most we’ve ever felt seen by a movie character.

As for the promo itself, it appears to consist of two very different Avengers’ plans. The first half of this teaser is an initial attack on Thanos shortly after the Snap. A recently released clip from the film showed more about how that came to be and why Carol Danvers was part of it, as she is here at the start of the promo but not at the end.

The second part of this new teaser, where Cap is giving his speech while everyone is dressed in their Quantum suits, seems to be later in the movie. We believe the Avengers will use those Quantum suits to travel through a time vortex in the Quantum Realm. They’ll go into the past (possible to collect their own Infinity Stones) as a major part of their unknown plan. The question is whether this speech happens before or after they do that.

“You know your teams, you know your missions. No mistakes, no do-overs. Look out for each other. This is the fight of our lives.” Whatever that refers to – and just as importantly, whenever – we don’t know yet. We do know it’s a damn fine speech and we’re even more fired up for Endgame now.

Steve Rogers really is good.

Featured Image: Marvel Entertainment

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