Tom Hardy is the Infamous Gangster in CAPONE Trailer

Al Capone might be the most infamous gangster in American history, and not just because of the crime empire he built. He’s long been a part of the pop culture landscape. He’s been played by dozens of actors in television and film over six decades. And the violent Chicago mob boss has been inspiring fictional characters since the early ’30s. Now the untold final chapter of his life is getting the big screen treatment, with a big time Hollywood star bringing the killer to life once again. Capone features Tom Hardy as the aging gangster with a declining mental state. So it’s only fitting the first trailer for the film is absolutely insane.

Capone tells the story of what happened to the 47-year old crime boss during the last year of his life. He had been released from jail early in 1939 due to health concerns caused by syphilis. The disease would eventually lead to him developing dementia. This trailer promises an exploration of his dark final days as he faces his past sins and violent history. It makes it hard to know exactly what is real and what isn’t here, but clearly many scenes take place entirely in his head. The violence seen here could all be imaginary, in what looks like a character study more than a mafia movie.

The film also marks the return of Josh Trank, the director whose issues with his 2015 Fantastic Four film are infamous themselves. Don’t worry Trank fans. This time he got final cut.

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The movie Capone looks more insane than the real Capone. And, although it stars Hardy, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillon, and Linda Cardellini, considering Josh Trank’s issues with his last film—and based on the trailer itself—it would be easy to assume this film will be ridiculous. But that might not be a bad thing. It already has at least one fan whose opinion we trust.

Capone comes to VOD on May 12.

Featured Image: Vertical Entertainment

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