This Candle Smells Like Chinese Takeout

It’s 2018, and we have unprecedented ability to change the scent of the air around us. At our disposal are plug-in air fresheners, sprays, incense sticks, potpourri, and, among many other things, candles of innumerable flavors. Whatever scent most grabs you, you’re probably covered, although there are surely some under-served cursory scent markets. Well, good news: The people presumably asked for it, so now, a Chinese food-scented candle is here (via Geekologie). The folks at Cool Material describe their scent thusly: “If someone opens a carton of Chinese food within 100 feet of us, we end up drifting over like a cartoon character carried by the aroma. While ordering takeout every day is tempting, we think we’ve developed a more financially viable way to enjoy that scent.”

A kingpin among other cuisines in the realm of delivery and takeout in the United States, Chinese food smells pretty darn good, and this candle, with its “notes of soy, lemongrass and ginger,” could actually be a winner. The good news is that if you’re into it, the 16-ounce candle boasts a burn time of over 80 hours, so instead of leaving teriyaki chicken on the counter, give this a go and you’ll be rolling in savory scents for days.

Is this the strangest candle you’ve ever seen? If not, what is? And what types of cuisines would you most want leaving a lingering scent in your home for 80 hours or more? Share your preferences and strange scents down in the comments!

Featured image: Cool Material

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