Critical Role’s CANDELA OBSCURA Returns with Its Second Chapter

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Critical Role launched its original horror tabletop roleplaying game Candela Obscura in May. The story, set in the Fairelands, centered on an order of investigators solving otherworldly mysteries. To go with the first chapter, Critical Role’s publishing arm, Darrington Press, released a Candela Obscura Quickstart Guide so everyone can get into the world and play. And now might be an excellent time to dig in, because Critical Role just released the trailer for Candela Obscura‘s second chapter, “The Circle of Needle and Thread.” The footage teases an intense story.

The gothic horror will continue later in August. The description for the trailer says:

The fight against the otherworldly evils plaguing The Fairelands shall continue with a new three episode chapter that includes a new circle, a new gamemaster, and a whole new set of magickal foes.

This chapter of Candela Obscura will include investigators Travis Willingham, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Zehra Fazal, Luis Carazo, and Marisha Ray, alongside our Gamemaster and lead designer for Candela Obscura, Spenser Starke. Taliesin Jaffe will also be returning to continue his role as our Lightkeeper.

The cast of Candela Obscura stands and sits in a creepy room with red wallpaper for the second chapter
Critical Role

Candela Obscura‘s second chapter premieres on August 31 at 7pm Pacific on Critical Role’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Select Cinemark theaters in the US will simulcast the show live. The second chapter has three episodes and will air on the last Thursday of the month. The VOD and podcast versions of the episode will be available two weeks after the premiere.

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