Burger King Sweden Has a ‘Burger’ Made of Fried Cheese

Oh sure, you think. Cooked cheese sandwiches exist: they’re called “grilled cheese,” and some burger places even do them. At In ‘N’ Out, for example, you can ask for a grilled cheese and get, essentially, a cheeseburger without the meat. This is not that. This new Burger King menu item, found via The Takeout, is something quite different: a sandwich with a burger-sized thick cut of cheese that is fried (none of their signature flame-grilling here, because have you ever tried to cook cheese on a grill? It’s messy.).

Burger King Sweden Has a ‘Burger’ Made of Fried Cheese_1
Image: Burger King Sweden

The cheese in question is halloumi, a semi-hard brined cheese from Cyprus that’s popular in Middle-Eastern countries, as its high melting point allows it to be cooked without turning to goo. It’s typically garnished with mint, but Burger King has opted for what looks like a large puddle of mayonnaise, top and bottom. In addition to the basic Halloumi King sandwich, it also comes in Extra-Looooong Barbecue format (yes, five o’s. Maybe the police are fond of them). Their barbecue sandwiches, it should be noted, also include mayonnaise.

Burger King Sweden Has a ‘Burger’ Made of Fried Cheese_2
Image: Burger King Sweden

Sadly, this is only a menu option in Sweden, so you’ve got a long journey ahead if you want to enjoy the fried cheese “burger.” Maybe it’s best to keep it at a distance, though, because cheese is addictive, and the odds of us stopping at just one if they were available here are not high.

What do you make of the Halloumi King? Do you wish it could be found in Burger Kings outside of Sweden? Would you order a slice of process cheese on top of the halloumi cheese? Feed us your thoughts in comments.

Images: Burger King Sweden

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