Bunnies Eating Pumpkins Is a Little Fluffy Monster Mash

A few weeks have passed since Halloween, and that means for many former ghouls, goblins, and Harley Quinns there are big, sloppy hunks of Cucurbita pepo now rotting on their porches—a.k.a. old pumpkins. But why leave those old Jack-o’s out to fester in the November Sun when you can, apparently, call upon a small army of bunnies to devour them?

At least one person on Earth, Japanese Twitter user @ponkichikachan, was able to capture this hypothetical scenario in real life, and it is just as glorious/horrific as you’d imagine it would be.

According to Rocket News, which found the pictures and also translated some of the social media remarks regarding the bun fun, @ponkichikachan says that a staff member—presumably working at some kind of Heavenly bunny farm—carved the pumpkin ( maybe like a pro?) to look like a sad bear, then threw it in with the little fluffy monsters to be devoured.

It’s not clear why exactly the pumpkin was carved into a bear face, but it’s definitely possible that this is the saddest looking pumpkin of all time. Really, this is the face a person makes when she’s about to be very sick and is not near a toilet:

What do you think about bunnies devouring a pumpkin with a sad bear face? Do you kind of want to see bunnies eat those pumpkins that were carved to look like Chris Hardwick and the cast of The Walking Dead? Let us nibble at your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Flickr / Land Between the Lakes KY/TN

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