Latest BUMBLEBEE Trailer Reveals More Classic Generation 1 Transformers

If there was any doubt that director Travis Knight was a legit old-school Transformers fan, it should be erased right now. While the new trailer for Bumblebee does still put emphasis on the solo adventure for our favorite yellow VW-bot, it also contains scenes designed to elicit fan squees, as we flashback to the war on Cybertron and see…a Generation 1 Optimus Prime, Soundwave, and Shockwave! You know, the robots in that original toy style that we were told ten years ago was too implausible for live-action movies. Well, not any more. But what’s also great is that Knight isn’t spitting in the face of Bay-formers fans either, as the two new villain robots maintain the aesthetic established by the live-action movies, and the Hoover Dam base wehere Megatron was held in the first film still looks like a central location. If this is to be considered a reboot, it’s a soft one.

And speaking as a wrestling fan, can I just say how nice it is to see John Cena make a heel turn onscreen to play the bad guy, considering he never will on WWE TV? Because it’s nice. If the Autobots can score a three-count on him at any time, that’s even nicer. If he somehow gets to sing “You Got the Touch” at any point in the story, that will rule all.

Are you ready for a Transformers movie that hews closer to the original ’80s cartoons? Which ‘bot should get a solo movie next? Let us know in comments below.

Images: Paramount

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