These Castle Miniatures Are So Realistic They May Attract Actual Dragons

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Stop what you’re doing and check out Dwarven Forge’s new Kickstarter, like, now. They’ve created a system for making practically any castle you can imagine and when you’re done, you can take it apart and build a different castle using the same pieces. It’s like hyper-realistic LEGOs for grown-ups!

If you’re unfamiliar with Dwarven Forge, they make 3D gaming terrain that you can use instead of drawings, paper terrain, or your imagination. They also provide tutorials for building and painting terrain and minis.

Using painted terrain and minis is a great way to make your game experience extraordinarily immersive. Picture the fight going on in the scene above using pencil and paper or graph paper and unpainted minis. It’s just not the same, is it?

If you want, you can purchase Dwarven Forge’s castle pieces pre-painted. All you have to do is snap the pieces together. They hold themselves together with magnets, which means you don’t have to worry about your castle coming apart when you start moving minis around on it. The magnets also mean your castle will come apart without damaging the paint.

Of course, if you want to personalize your castle, you can also buy unpainted pieces. Did someone say “ice castle?” Oh, and if the eye candy alone isn’t enough to make you want one of these kits, there are also functional pieces such as a working drawbridge!

Dwarven Forge has had three other successful Kickstarters, each letting you form a different landscape for your game including dungeons, caverns, and cities. These components can all be purchased in their shop along with minis and other accessories such as tables and chairs. They’re all as drool-worthy as the castle pieces and they can all be used together, so you can send your heroes on pretty much any kind of adventure you can think of!

All Image Credit (Including Feature): Dwarven Forge

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