Here’s some news that will either make you giddy with excitement or roll your eyes in disgust, depending on how you feel about the recent TV reboot craze. According to the folks over at Deadline, Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman told members of the press, when discussing the success of recent reboots like X-Files and 24, that “ Buffy The Vampire Slayer is probably the most ripe show we have for bringing back,” and added that “It’s something we talk about frequently.  Joss Whedon is one of the greatest creators we’ve ever worked for. When Joss decides it’s time, we’ll do it.”

Ok Buffy fanatics, take a deep breath. This doesn’t mean this is going to happen for sure. What it does mean, however, is that the powers that be want it to happen, and probably pretty badly. But the final decision on such a thing would have to come from both Joss Whedon and Buffy Summers herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Together, these two are Buffy. But after seeing how amazing  and ready to kick ass everyone looked at the Buffy 20th reunion last year, one can’t help but wonder just what a proper Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion would look like.

We’ve written before about why a Buffy short term “event series” revival could actually be a good thing. Now, a lot of people might say to leave well enough alone, and while I sympathize with that viewpoint, I can’t help but wonder what the life of Buffy and the Scoobies would be like as they approach middle age.  Although Joss Whedon has written and overseen up to four new “seasons” of Buffy in the pages of Dark Horse Comics (with a 12th season coming out soon), all of these are set somewhere in the recent past, meaning the characters have only aged slightly. I would love to see what it means to be a kick ass fighter of supernatural evil when you’re 40, an age we see next-to-no female heroines embody. As long as all the original creators and actors are back, consider me intrigued by the possibility at least.

Do you want to see a Sunnydale High class of 1999 20 year reunion next year? Let us know how you feel down below in the comments.

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