BUBBLY BROWN SUGAR Web Series Tells a Sexy Reincarnation Love Story

This is a spoiler-free review for the first two episodes of Bubbly Brown Sugar.

If there were ever a perfect time to indulge in interesting new web series, right now is absolutely it. Independent creators are making an exceptional push to get their content out on the web in hopes of delivering stories that marginalized viewers want to see more of. This is the case for Bubbly Brown Sugar, an upcoming web series about Black love, the law of attraction, and twin flames who are finding their way back to each other across lifetimes.

It’s a story about two soulmates who have been together since the beginning of time. They make the choice to be reborn over and over again just to go through the process of finding love with each other again. The human part of them isn’t fully aware that they are intertwined, so with every new life, they go through a bunch of ridiculous stuff before destiny brings them together.

Jewel and Caleb embrace in dream

Soul Kisses Productions, LLC

Bubbly Brown Sugar creator, writer, director, and producer Tamala Baldwin stars in the series as its protagonist Jewel. She plays the author of an inspirational vlog that promotes the law of attraction and positivism. As expected, the initial episodes serve as an introduction into Jewel’s idealistic, Insecure-esque world as she’s mentally wrapped up in a man who appears in her dreams.

It’s always refreshing to see a full-figured brown-skinned Black woman character be given the space to be dreamy, optimistic, sexy, and offbeat with friends who love her for her, even if they get a dig in at her sometimes. Viewers won’t learn much about Jewel’s inner circle initially, but it’s fun to watch their banter. The dialogue and interactions between the Jewel and her crew is fun, peppy, and has more than a few good puns.

The show hints at interjecting some darker relationship elements through side characters and it will be interesting to see how they balance it with humor. Hopefully, future episodes will peel back the layers and reveal some deeper truths about Jewel’s past and if her persona has been a help or hindrance in her love journey.

Bubbly Brown Sugar cast members pose together

Soul Kisses Productions, LLC

Her soulmate Caleb (Rich Lowe) is a bit more grounded and “real” in terms of his outlook on life and love. Bubbly Brown Sugar uses episode two to take a deeper peek into his perspective and makes him more than an attractive enigma. He’s given a couple of comrades to fill out his personal life who are both different from Caleb but understand and respect his perspective on relationships.

The series establishes its quirky, upbeat, and sexy tone well and piques enough curiosity to make us want to keep going forward. When will Caleb and Jewel meet? How will magic show up and play a part in this story?  Will this incarnation of these two souls discover the truth?

Bubbly Brown Sugar hits YouTube on April 2 at 8PM ET.

Feature Image: Soul Kisses Productions, LLC

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