Brothers Successfully Trick Their Sister Into Thinking The Zombie Apocalypse Is Happening

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Ever play a prank on your brother or sister? I bet it really really satisfying. Maybe you short-sheeted their bed or put shaving cream in their hand and tickled their nose while they slept. Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t as elaborate and genius as this.

YouTuber Cabot Philips got his entire family involved in a plot to convince his little sister that there was a zombie outbreak and they needed to flee to Mexico immediately. Of course to do this, they waited until just the right moment: On the ride home from oral surgery when she would still have anesthetic in her system. Even better, they secretly filmed the entire thing. Watch.

The brothers urgently ask their sister to make multiple inane and important decisions which she answers with surprisingly clarity. Even with the meds in her system, she’s taking everything very seriously. Lil sis is coherent enough to question her brothers’ actions such as, “Why can’t we just start going now?” and “We have guns. Why are you putting garden equipment in the car?” You gotta admit that she’s pretty darn rational given the situation. I think she’s passed the test to be a part of the family’s zombie apocalypse team. Somebody’s gotta stay level headed when the real  zombie apocalypse occurs next Tuesday.

Oh, was that aloud? Whoops.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever played? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Featured image credit: Columbia Pictures

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