A Mildly Venomous Snake Has Escaped from the Bronx Zoo

Ah, the zoo. A place to watch and study our animal friends while munching on some popcorn. Zoos provide us with the opportunity to get up close to nature without getting too close. However, it seems that some patrons at the Bronx Zoo might have an unexpected encounter with a reptile this week.

According to ABC News, a mildly venomous snake broke out of the zoo’s Jungleworld exhibit on Tuesday, August 6. When zookeepers made their rounds at the end of the day, they discovered the snake gone. The Bronx Zoo believes that the snake might have slithered its way through a mesh covering its vent. The snake missing is a three and a half foot mangrove snake, with black scales and yellow stripes. 

Now, for some, news like this might be their worst nightmare (it certainly is mine). However, the Bronx Zoo is assuring guests that it’s nothing to worry about. According to the zoo, mangrove snakes are typically shy creatures and don’t have a bad history with humans. They don’t like to be seen, or disturbed, and are really only active at night. So, the chances of you running into this snake during your visit are slim. The little reptile is probably just chilling somewhere, hiding, waiting for all the people to leave.

Even if the snake bit you, you don’t have to worry too much about the bite. Although the term “mildly venomous” sounds scary, it’s not as bad as it seems. A mangrove snake’s bite will cause swelling and will hurt for sure, but it isn’t deadly. Still, the image of a snake biting us is terrifying, even if it isn’t deadly.

The Bronx Zoo is keeping Jungleworld still open, just with a warning sign about the snake missing. Besides mentioning what was said before, the sign asks you to report the snake if you see it. We’re pretty sure if anyone sees a snake chilling anywhere, zookeepers will be the first to know. 

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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