Bring Pantheons of Gods to Your Tabletop with “High Heavens”

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There are two things that Ryan Lesser is clearly passionate about: music and gaming. Lesser was lead art director on both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, and continues to serve as creative lead at Harmonix while acting as the driving force behind Wild Power Games. He’s also a pretty great artist and musician in his own right, melting faces with his band Megasus or mashing up Iron Maiden and the 1st ed AD&D  Fiend Folio to create  pieces of art EASILY as iconic as either of their inspirational parts. Now, Lesser has successfully combined all of his passions in the form of an easy to pick up tabletop board game entitled High Heavens.

The long and the short of the game is this: Loki has gotten loose (AGAIN!), made his way to Olympus, started crap with Zeus and Co., and now the Greek pantheon is taking the fight to Asgard. Two players (though there are rules that can allow up to four, including adding another pantheon) each take a group of deities to command and race to either eliminate all of their opponents or destroy their enemy’s respective home ground. As your foes fall, they may drop loot that you can pick up and use against the remaining opponents. Turn structures are either used to move, attack, or employ special effects. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it’s supposed to be.

Health, conditions, and so forth are indicated by a stack of color coded chips each miniature sits upon, which are incredibly easy to adjust. The board is visually impressive but not cluttered, and the attention to detail on the miniatures (indeed, all of the game components) is second-to-none. And were that not enough, the available expansions allow you to add the Egyptian pantheon to the mix, enhance your existing Norse v. Greek battles with the Valkyrie & Medusa factions, add new environmental effects, or turn up the carnage and add an air of desperation to the proceedings with  High Heavens: Bloodied deck, featuring wounded gods with adjusted stats.

Pop on over to Wild Power Games’ website to pick up the core game and accouterments now to take advantage of their holiday sale. Also, check out more of Ryan Lesser’s artwork, game design portfolio, and his crushingly awesome work with his metal band Megasus at his website!

Are YOU ready to rock with a game of HIGH HEAVENS?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Who do think would win in a battle between these and other pantheons? Let us know and crank the volume to 11!

Photo Credit: Wild Power Games

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