BREATH OF THE WILD Combat Montage Highlights Epic Gameplay

Now you can see some of the coolest moves possible in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. YouTuber Duplex Link has released a Breath of the Wild combat montage, which we first saw on  Kotaku.

This video takes viewers through different sequences in Breath of the Wild and showcases their gameplay to the fullest degree. The combat montage begins with an ominous edict, “protect her…” and culminates with Link and Ganon’s ultimate showdown. In between, Duplex Link shows off a series of explosive flips, leaps, and motorcycle tricks, as he demolishes his enemies.

This intense highlights reel allows fans to see a true mastery of gameplay. Link fells one fearsome foe after another with startling ease. On-screen, viewers see the thought process behind toggling between weapons, taking careful aim, and more. The Breath of the Wild combat montage also takes players across this Zelda universe. Breath of the Wild is renowned for its cinematic settings and breathtaking locations. While these don’t take center stage here, they are fully evident in the background of many a fierce battle.

Link shooting a bow from the air in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's combat montage

Duplex Link/Game by Nintendo

Though a combat montage seems like it could get repetitive or boring, Duplex Link smartly sets the mood. Action sequences are inset with cut-scenes that ground the story behind the fighting. Duplex Link shares, “Link must redeem himself after falling in battle by destroying Ganon in order to fulfill the King’s request of protecting Princess Zelda.” Additionally, fantastical music keeps everything feeling appropriately intense. This montage piques interest in the game without giving away its whole plot.

Its last frames are the most movie-trailer feeling of all. Princess Zelda appears to wield her power for a split second before the scene fades. The video finishes with Link walking solo into a sky laden with rainbows. He heads out into the horizon alone, the darkness of the battles behind him. But thanks to this incredible Breath of the Wild combat montage, Link’s displays of strength will not soon be forgotten.

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