The BREAKING BAD Movie Reportedly Coming to Netflix and AMC

Update, 2/13/19:
Deadline reports the Breaking Bad movie, which we still have don’t have any real details about, will air on Netflix and AMC with Netflix debuting the film first.

Original post:
Were you to find yourself face to face with an omnipotent sage and gifted the opportunity of posing any one question about the boundless mysteries of our merciless universe, you might be inclined to ask, “Um, how would a Breaking Bad movie even work?” That’s the query plaguing our minds this morning, as rumors are hitting the web about just such a project.The news was first reported by the Albuquerque Journal (via Entertainment Weekly), whose unnamed sources confirmed that a Breaking Bad movie was entering production in New Mexico. Nerdist has reached out to AMC for confirmation of the project.

If the news is indeed to be trusted, it leads us to wonder what sort of form a Breaking Bad movie would take. After all, the series axed not only main character and driving force Walter White, but also his chief pursuant (and loving brother-in-law) Hank Schrader, primary villain Gus Fring, and everyone’s favorite iron-fisted curmudgeon Mike Ehrmantraut. Still standing, of course, are Skyler and Walt Jr., sorry, Flynn, Jesse Pinkman, and Saul Goodman, whose own series Better Call Saul offers the occasional glimpse to his dismal life in the wake of the events of Breaking Bad.As such, we could be looking at a Jesse-centric follow-up to the show or, more likely, a prequel following the likes of Gus or Mike or, if I had my way, Huell and Kuby. Mysteries abound about reports of a Breaking Bad film, but curiosity is indeed piqued. Let us know what you think a Breaking Bad movie would, should, and could be about!

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