BREAKING BAD in Pixar Style Is Delightfully Awkward

Breaking Bad was one of the greatest TV dramas of the 21st century. It had heartbreak, Shakespearean pathos, and shocking violence. The works. Sure, it was occasionally funny. (Remember “ Magnets??“) but no one would ever think of Breaking Bad as light-hearted fare for the whole family. And yet, someone has somehow made Breaking Bad, filled with rampant criminal activity and bloody shootouts, into something as wholesome as a Disney/Pixar cartoon.

Via the folks over at Laughing Squid, we’ve discovered a video from YouTube channel Not Default Cartoons, which gives us a trailer for Breaking Bad, as if animators created it at Pixar Studios. Sometimes, oil and water do actually go together. You can watch the full Breaking Bad Pixar trailer right here:

The mastermind behind this parody is video editor Andrew Chaushesku, who once  reimagined Better Call Saul as a Disney/Pixar animated film. It’s only fitting that he turn his attention to the show which spawned Better Caul Saul. Chaushesku took several of Breaking Bad’s most famous moments and gave it all a very classic Pixar look. Everything looks less sinister when the characters all look like Riley’s parents from Inside Out. Even scenes of drug deals gone terribly wrong.

Breaking Bad, reimagined as a Pixar movie.
Not Default Cartoons

We can just imagine these Pixar versions of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman eating dinner with Remy from Ratatouille, or playing with Andy’s toys from Toy Story. (Actually, lets keep them out of Andy’s room). Maybe Gus Fring owns the Manticore’s Tavern from Onward in this version. Most of the footage that got the Pixar treatment was from the trailer for Breaking Bad’s first season. So, not a lot of bald Walter White as so many think of him now. This is mostly “desperate high school chemistry teacher” Walt, not criminal mastermind. Maybe we get a Pixar version of Game of Thrones next? Someone needs to make that.

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