Score New BEETLEJUICE and HALLOWEEN Jerseys From BoxLunch’s Horror Collection

BoxLunch’s Horror Collection is putting a couple more killer pieces on the board. The pop culture collectible company’s latest sports-style uniforms celebrate the Ghost With the Most and Haddonfield’s iconic killer. You can now show of your Beetlejuice fandom with a strange and unusual hockey jersey from BoxLunch. And Halloween supporters can back their favorite slasher franchise with a Michael Myers Halloween baseball jersey.

A black, purple, and green Beetlejuice hockey jersey both front and back

It’s “showtime” this week at BoxLunch. Beetlejuice backers can now order a store exclusive embroidered Snake Beetlejuice captain’s hockey jersey ($59.90). It features lettering with the team name and a snake design on the front. On the back is the notorious ghost’s unspeakable name with a jersey number warning opposing fans not to chant his name “3” times. The sweater (that’s hockey parlance, nerds) also comes with stripes across the top, bottom, and sleeves. There’s also an embroidered patch on one arm.

Halloween diehards (or horror fans who want a little lighter shirt) can also grab the all-new H addonfield Slashers Michael Myers Baseball Jersey ($54.90) at BoxLunch. It sports the team’s name in italics and a jolly roger Michael Myers logo. On the embroidered backside there’s an “M. Myers” and the jersey number “78.” That comes from the year the original film hit theaters.

A Black Michael Myers Halloween baseball jersey both front and back

The jerseys are the newest sports-inspired uniform pieces in BoxLunch’s Horror Collection. The previous selection items include a hockey jersey for Good Guy Chucky’s Child’s Play. And, of course considering the mask he wears, there’s also a hockey sweater for Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees.

A blue Child's Play Chucky hockey jersey and a white and red Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees hockey jersey

Unlike with sports, it’s totally normal to be a fan of more than one scary movie. So unlike sports fans don’t worry about wearing your horror jersey to any venue you like. Only, don’t be surprised if you have to explain to someone you’re simply a fan of the film and not the actual sociopaths they feature. It’s not totally normal to wear a jersey for a guy whose most impressive stats are total kills.

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