BoxLunch’s AHSOKA Collection Invites You to Be a Cozy Warrior

It is hard work saving the galaxy. Fighting the dark side every day takes it out of you. But thankfully, most Star Wars‘ best outfits know how to combine cozy with epic. BoxLunch’s latest Ahsoka collection breathes life into that spirit. This new line offers you a whole bunch of excellent options inspired by your favorite (not a Jedi) warrior that are perfect for clashing lightsabers with an Inquisitor and snuggling up on the couch. Sweater weather is almost here, after all. Let’s take a look at what BoxLunch has in store.

Ahsoka BoxLunch hoodie

My favorite piece from the Ahsoka collection is hands down is the Star Wars: Ahsoka dyed/striped hoodie. A release shares, “showcasing an exquisite blend of comfort and style, these hoodies feature Ahsoka’s iconic hues to ignite the spirit of adventure in fans of all ages.” Sounds and looks about right to me. This one is for after you get a galactic pumpkin spice latte, but before you have to face off with a Nightsister of Dathomir.

Additionally, Ahsoka gets some flannel in the mix of the BoxLunch collection. And that just feels right for the Star Wars icon. If Ahsoka accidentally leaped into modern day, we bet she’d love herself some flannel. The shirt promises that Ahsoka is no Jedi in style.

BoxLunch's AHSOKA Collection Invites You to Be a Cozy Warrior_1

Other pieces from the collection include comfy t-shirts, cool button-ups, and some long-sleeved shirts for good measure. Additionally, if you need Ahsoka in every corner of your life, you can get a mug, pendant necklace, bracelet set, and “brand-new character enamel pins symbolizing the indomitable spirit of Ahsoka, honoring one of the most resilient characters in the galaxy.” Go Ahsoka! But really, go Loth-cat!

The BoxLunch release also promises that coming soon will be a Star Wars: Ahsoka Handbag you can snag. “This elegantly designed bag captures Ahsoka’s essence with its intricate detailing and impeccable craftsmanship, making a bold fashion statement while celebrating the fan-favorite character.” Sounds promising.

The Ahsoka collection is now available on BoxLunch. And, of course, Ahsoka is officially streaming on Disney+,

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