You Can Fight Bowsette in NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U Mod

If you haven’t yet become acquainted with the new, non-canon addition to the world of  Super Mario Bros., Bowsette, you might need a quick explainer. See, Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe introduces an item called the Super Crown, which, when worn by Toadette, essentially transforms her into a Toadette-Princess Peach hybrid (who looks far more like Peach than Toadette). Logic then dictates that if Bowser were to don this crown, he too would turn into a Peach-ified version of himself.The internet recently exploded after Bowsette was first introduced by artist Ayyk92, and all I can say is that you probably should keep your safe search on if you decide to look them up. But that element aside, YouTuber StupidMarioBros1Fan decided to take the internet’s collective Bowsette love to the next level by modding the character into  New Super Mario Bros U.

Bowsette takes the place of the game’s final boss, Bowser, breathing fire and trying to smash Mario into the ground before being blessed by Kamek and growing to monstrous sizes. StupidMarioBros1Fan put in quite a bit of work creating the model, taking bits and bobs from  Mario Party 9 and  Mario Strikers Charged, and creating some of the model from scratch. More impressive, though, are the custom animations, all made from the ground up. StupidMarioBros1Fan includes a download link in the description of the video so you can battle Bowsette for yourself.With Bowsette’s recent popularity, maybe we’ll see the character show up in the future. Hell, looks like a lot of the work has already been done for Nintendo. Now all they need is to give us Waluiette.Image result for waluigi roseWhat do you think of Bowser’s new form? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Nintendo

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