New BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Is a Delightful Dance of Doom

Our first look at Borderlands 3 might have been just a tease packed with secret messages, but the first full trailer of the upcoming game is an explosion of, well, explosions, graceful gunplay and colorful mayhem. There are also blooming flowers, little hearts floating in the air, and destructive delight. You really just have to see it for yourself.

Does the new trailer contain as many secrets as the striking teaser video? There’s almost too much going on to be able to tell, but we trust that the internet sleuths will dive deep into some of the tantalizing tidbits to keep us guessing until the game’s release later this year.

The Turtles’ classic ditty “Happy Together” might seem like an odd fit for the brutal backdrop of Borderlands, but it works surprisingly well as it emphasizes the pure glee of co-op gameplay as you blast baddies alongside your fellow Vault Hunters. Play as one of four customizable Vault Hunter characters, Moze, Zane (who rocks a mean hip shimmy in the trailer), Amara, or Fl4k, as you track down the Calypso Twins and stop their crusade of claiming the Vaults for their own.

Co-op play is local in two-player splitscreen on console or played online. A “level syncing” system keeps you playing with your friends no matter the difference in experience, and you can even enable loot instancing to keep all drops level-appropriate. Borderlands 3 covers all the bases when it comes to unleashing mayhem.

New BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Is a Delightful Dance of Doom_2

If you want even more Borderlands 3 before the game’s release this fall, take a look at Hendo Art’s cosplay journey as she puts the finishing touches on her incredible Maya cosplay for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Grab your friends and return to Pandora on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One when Borderlands 3 launches on September 13, 2019.

All Images: Gearbox Software

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