Board Game Sitcoms and Dice Documentaries? What More Do You Need?

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Remember The Guild? Of course you do! The Guild, the brainchild of our fearless leader, Felicia Day, told the story of a gaming clan that not only gamed together, but also were friends IRL who joined together to defeat bosses like overbearing mothers, sensitive game designers, the fickle nature of internet fame, and rival clans led by Wil Wheaton. The Guild managed to show the lives of gamers in a way that was relatable, and fans loved seeing gaming portrayed in a way that wasn’t just a cheap punchline.

Moonrat Media‘s series Board with Life is doing that very thing with tabletop gaming by making a show that portrays tabletop gamers in a relatable (and hilarious) way. The show just wrapped up its second season, and it’s awesome. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s follows the story of a tabletop-game-loving group of friends who deal with the ups and downs of life, such as contracting viruses thanks to tainted carnival food, discovering their true selves, navigating the murky waters of romance, and of course planning for an epic gaming convention.

What makes the show special is the fact that it brings the real life of tabletop gamers to the series. The punchline isn’t the gaming. The funny comes from the lives of the characters, their quirks, and the weird things that they go through–just like real life. It’s a show that makes you excited to be a gamer while also making you genuinely laugh. Luckily, Moonrat Media didn’t just stop with the series. The YouTube channel has loads of awesome tabletop programming, like the mini-documentary on the history of dice below, and it’s all made by people who love tabletop just as much as we do.

Have you seen Board with Life or any other show Moonrat Media? What other geeky webshows are you obsessed with? Tell me about them in the comments!

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