A Japanese Bluetooth Speaker That Hugs You!

According to a story over in The AV Club (via Sora News 24), the Japanese company Otome Yusha has revealed their newest promotional product: the “Boyfriend Hug Speakers.” This is a pair of actual working speakers, Bluetooth-compatible of course, that are shaped like big buff arms that will warmly hug you from behind. Really, who needs a human male when you can have this?

As of right now, there are only a few of these bad boys in existence, as they were created mainly as promotional items. Officially they’re called “Hero of Maiden Hugging Speakers,” tying in to the company’s Hero of Maidens mobile game. This is an RPG targeted at women, about stunningly gorgeous men whose mission is to “save the world through love.” Although these were only created to promote the game, Hero of Maidens fans have opportunities to win them through various giveaways sponsored by Otome Yusha, through August 9.

A Japanese Bluetooth Speaker That Hugs You!_2

For the lucky few who do get a pair of these manly speakers, the official website encourages the owner to not just use these at home should they actually get their hands on one. The promo images show a young woman taking them out with her while hanging out at a cafe. Not only when she’s by herself, but also when she’s seemingly out on a date! Yeah, I’m sure that’s not going to be an awkward date at all. What’s funny about this is that it’s still not remotely the strangest Japanese pop culture tie-in product we’ve ever seen. And something even weirder than this is no doubt being thought up right now!

Images: Otome Yusha

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