This Bizarre Device Muffles Your Phone Calls and Doubles As Bane Cosplay

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting at your desk in your office, trying to close an important sale, or perhaps you’re just trying to gossip about one of your co-workers. You face a couple of problems: you worry you’re being too loud, or you don’t want the people around you to hear what you’re saying. Typically, you’d have to get up and leave the room, but not anymore thanks to Bloxvox, a new product that just began its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (via CNET).

What is it? It’s a sort of pod you use with your microphone-enabled headphones, and when you place the mask over your mouth and speak into it, it muffles your voice, so those around you aren’t as bothered by your volume. And it still offers good sound quality for the person you’re on the phone with. It’s basically the phone call equivalent of screaming into a pillow. As seen in the video above, there’s definitely a noticeable difference in how loud the user seems, and if you use the included head strap, it’s hands-free.

It seems like the product works and like it could potentially be useful, but let’s stop avoiding the obvious: it’s a bit silly looking. Strapping what looks like a giant dog nose to your head, or even just holding it to your face, isn’t exactly the best look. If you want to reduce the volume of your phone calls while also making yourself look like a muzzled mutt, Bane, or Hannibal Lecter, then this is the product for you. That said, it seems effective, so who knows. Maybe it could become an indispensable office tool that’s as useful as it is strange.

What do you think of Bloxvox? Would you actually use one, or is it too weird for your liking? Let us know down in the comments!

Featured Image: Greg Umhoefer

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