Stunning BLADE RUNNER Fan Film Trailer Is a Perfect Replicant

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We all want to spend more time in the rainy noir world established in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. And luckily, we’re going to get that chance with this year’s  Blade Runner 2049 (no pressure, Gosling!). But to tide us over until then, we can savor the sweet cinematic treat that is Slice of Life, a fan film that takes place in the universe adapted by Scott from the works of Philip K. Dick in 1982. As per the above teaser clip, it’s obvious that this is a special effort to recreate the original film’s essence.

The teaser for Slice of Life comes via Digg, and demonstrates the insane amount of work that filmmakers Luka Hrgović (director/producer), Dino Julius (producer), and Anton Svetić (writer) have put into their short fan film. The team says that the short film has been in the works for three years, which is easy to believe considering all of the extraordinary detail they’ve put into duplicating the replicant-infested world inhabited by Rick Deckard and the Tyrell Corporation.

After three years in the making, here’s the trailer for our film “Slice of Life”!!! #sliceoflife #bladerunner

— Slice Of Life (@Slice_Of_Life01) January 26, 2017

What’s most amazing about the short film, however, is the fact that no CGI is being used. “The whole film is made the old school way like the legendary SciFi movies of the 80’s (Star Wars, Alien and already mentioned Blade Runner),” the film’s website says. “Think miniatures, matte paintings, rear projections – You won’t find any CGI here!!!”

The team’s BTS videos also show off an operation that looks like something you’d see from a 1980s Lucasfilm production:

The project is also completely self-funded, so you don’t have to worry about donating to any kind of Kickstarter campaign. So all you really have to worry about now is replicants passing a Voight-Kampff test.

What do you think about this teaser for Slice of Life? Pass the give-us-your-thoughts test in the comments below!

Images: Slice Of Life/YouTube

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