T’Challa’s Black Panther Suit Has a Sweet Hidden Message

Black Panther showed the entire MCU that Wakanda isn’t just the most technologically advanced nation in the world, it has arguably its greatest scientist (Vision would agree). But when Shuri made her brother King T’Challa a new suit, it didn’t just contain an amazing new ability, it contained a hidden message as old as time. Because even when you are making sure your country’s greatest protector has the most up-to-date resources possible to help keep his people safe from a dangerous universe, it’s still nice to let your mom know how much you care.

Reddit user thecruiser_ used a Wakandan translation key to decipher a message we didn’t realize was there when Shuri tested the kinetic energy feature on T’Challa’s new Panther Habit suit. A series of purple letters appeared briefly when she pressed on its chest, and after freezing it and translating it into English, Shuri’s subtle message to the world was revealed. So what did it say? Something insightful? Some kind of ancient Wakandan wisdom? Nope, it was much simpler–and far sweeter–than that.

“I love you Mom.”

Aww, what a nice thing to include in one of the world’s most powerful suits, especially considering they had recently lost their father King T’Chaka in Vienna. Family is everything.

This might not change anything about the movie, but it does somehow make us love Shuri even more–in any language.

What is your favorite small Easter egg from a Marvel movie? Tell us in the comments section below.

Images: Marvel

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