2 Kids Tried to Get into BLACK PANTHER Dressed as a Tall Guy in a Trench Coat

Black Panther is killing it at the box office this weekend, and everyone is clamoring to see the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe again and again. Of course, the problem with seeing a movie on the big screen is getting the cash to swing those high movie theater ticket prices. While a bunch of us just chose to skip morning coffee for a few days (or weeks) to get the funds together, not everyone planned ahead, and as such had to get creative when it came to figuring out how to afford a movie ticket.

In a move filled with youthful optimism and blinding creativity, two youngsters developed a foolproof plan to sneak both of them in while only buying one ticket: having one guy stand on the other’s shoulders, rolling up to the movie theater in a tremendous trench coat, Little Rascals-style. Laughing Squid first tipped us off to this delightful story, and if you got the two at just the right angle, the results were pretty great.

Okay, maybe “pretty great” is too strong, but it’s definitely better than expected. Of course, once they started moving the illusion was a bit ruined. Shockingly, the two were not able to fool the movie theater staff.

And while, yeah, the costume isn’t super convincing, we’ve got to admit that everyone whipping out their phones and recording this Totally Normal Tall Trench Coat-Wearing Man buying a movie ticket certainly would tip off movie theater staff that something was amiss. I mean, c’mon, guys, be cool! You’ve got to film that stuff on the sly so your fellow Black Panther fans can pull of their heist! That’s Movie Theater Espionage 101, friends.

Unfortunately, these two guys weren’t able to fool the brass at their local movie theater and were turned away. We can only hope that these two masters of disguise are able to either find a more effective disguise or, you know, manage to round up the funds they needed to support Black Panther. Whichever works.

What are some of the weirdest ways you’ve seen someone try to sneak into a theater? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Marvel

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