BLACK MIRROR’S Dystopian Dating App Is Now Real

On the most recent season of Black Mirror, the biggest twist of all was a happy ending. The episode, “Hang the DJ”, told the story of a young man and a young woman living in a society run by “The System” that helped individuals find their one, true match by using a dating system called “Coach.” At the start of each date, the two would use the app to tell the couple how long the relationship would last. Depending on the length given, you’d either wait out the duration at the restaurant or you were transported to a small cottage to live out the duration of the relationship there. Coach was a part of a flawless system that matched you with your perfect match 99.9% of the time. Thankfully, it’s a piece of fiction no more, and now you too can use Coach’s expert matchmaking skills.

Just like in the episode, you and any prospective partners can ask Coach to tell you how long the two of you will be paired. Head over to Coach’s website to set up a session, and the system will generate a unique URL for you to send to your partner. When you’re both ready, you can click to reveal the duration of your relationship. Just be super sure that you both are on board to see the expiration date on the relationship, because just like in “Hang the DJ”, a one-sided reveal won’t just secretly reveal the relationship expiration date to one person. Instead, it will cause the entire system to recalibrate, and whatever cheerful, years-long number you originally received will plummet into the minutes-long territory. The good news is, should you disagree with Coach’s assertions on your relationship’s viability, you won’t have to rebel and escape from an oppressive government system to be with your sweetheart.

And though we don’t have handy little portable Coach devices like they do in Black Mirror, the system works easily on computer or mobile so it’s easy to find love wherever you are. So remember, put your trust in the System, and Coach will absolutely help you find your ultimate match. The System works!

Did you run your relationship by Coach? What did the System tell you about your relationship? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Netflix

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