BLACK MIRROR Renewed for Season 7 at Netflix

In an age where shows are getting canceled left and right, it seems a really good anthology might be the best way to crack the code. At least, Black Mirror‘s renewal for a season seven at Netflix seems to indicate that may be true. The sci-fi dystopian show has captivated audiences for as long as its been around, and certainly for its six seasons on Netflix. Of course, that could be because every day it feels more like Black Mirror‘s universe and our reality are one and the same. We don’t love that, we do love Netflix renewing Black Mirror for another outing.

Netflix renews Black Mirror for season seven (1)

So far, there isn’t that much information available about the seventh season of Black Mirror, aside from confirmation of its renewal, which we first saw on Variety. We don’t know how many episodes the season will have or who will bring to life the stories they tell. Prior seasons have been a variety of lengths and episode numbers, so it’s hard to predict what we’ll see. Of course, all past Black Mirror seasons have delivered star-studded casts and incredible line-ups of writers and directors, so we feel pretty sure that this one will not be any different. We guess we will have to wait and see for more details. And all the while, we should probably cross our fingers that whatever apocalyptic tales take place in Black Mirror season seven, we don’t see them happening outside our window first.

Black Mirror season six trailer thumbs up in space no logo

Black Mirror is currently available to stream on Netflix as we wait for more news of its season seven. Its first six seasons feature many harrowing tales, including a particularly prescient one about AI from season six. We also think you should give the Miley Cyrus episode a try. We wouldn’t say it’s the best show to watch during the holiday season, but hey, season two does have a Christmas episode.

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