Netflix’s BIRD BOX Trailer Looks Like A QUIET PLACE But with Sight

The best horror movies are the kind you have to watch through your fingers, but even then we never have to worry that what we see on screen will actually kill us. But that’s exactly the kind of worry facing poor  Sandra Bullock in the trailer for Netflix‘s upcoming new horror film Bird Box, which looks like sight’s terrifying answer to A Quiet Place.

Based on Josh Malerman’s 2014 post-apocalyptic novel, this first trailer introduces us to Bullock’s Malorie, who has found “love, hope, and a new beginning” after a strange force has decimated the world’s population. All that’s known about this mysterious killer is that if you see it you die, because this unknown “entity” can take on the form of your worst fears. Things only gets worse when Malorie is forced to flee with her children, which leads her to take a dangerous two-day trip to safety down a river, all while completely blindfolded.Remember that horrible feeling when you were a kid late at night in your room, and you were convinced there was a monster in the darkness? That was NOT a pleasant feeling, which is exactly why this looks so good. Because as much as monsters, demons, and serial killers can scare us, whether it’s complete silence or total blindness, there’s something about messing with our five senses that freaks us out the most.Directed by the Emmy winning director of The Night Manager, Susanne Bier, Bird Box also stars Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, and Trevante Rhodes, and premieres on Netflix on December 21.What would scare you more: silence or a lack of sight? We want to hear from you, so let us see your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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