BIRD BOX BARCELONA’s Full Trailer Introduces Another Dark Quest for Survival

Believe it or not, it has been almost five years since Bird Box hit Netflix. The post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock and (a very hot) Trevante Rhodes became a bonafide hit for the streaming service thanks to its many meme-able moments. But, much like The Walking Dead and The Last of Us’ gnarly universes, we’ve always wondered what things are like in other places. How did this mysterious force that causes a person to die violently by suicide affect the rest of the world? Bird Box Barcelona aims to answer this question with a trailer that sets up another dark quest for survival. 

The Bird Box Barcelona clip has a lot of what we are expecting in this follow-up film. People running all over the place in a panic before we zero in on a few key people who are trying to survive. The curious powers of these deadly entities also seem to be changing, which makes sense in this kind of world. It’s very much like The Last of Us having various types of Infected. Of course, the true evil lurking can always be found in the hearts of man.

Bird Box Barcelona photo of a woman standing on a train rail with blood on her forehead

Our main man, Sebastian, will form terse alliances and try as hard as he can to get the hell out of Barcelona as another threat looms over them. As we can see in the Bird Box Barcelona teaser trailer, that’s going to be an arduous task. Very intriguing, indeed. 

Bird Box Barcelona teases Netflix spinoff thriller, new heroes with eye covers

Are you ready to see (this movie?) If so, you won’t have to wait long. Bird Box Barcelona will arrive at Netflix on July 14.

Originally published on June 5, 2023.

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