BioWare Wants Your Voice in Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Fans and followers of BioWare know that their worlds are filled with faces and voices of a great number of people. BioWare has just put out an open call for people to get their voice into Mass Effect: Andromeda.

There are no age or gender requirements to enter, and you don’t have to be in Edmonton, Canada (BioWare’s HQ) or Los Angeles to audition (see the   contest rules). As Bioware describes the only requirements of the contest:

No accents, makeup, costumes, or props are necessary: just a recording of you speaking in your natural voice. If you want to be a little more dramatic, feel free—just remember that your entry will be judged on the quality of your voice performance and how well it matches the Mass Effect style.

All you need to do is download one of two scripts (which have direction for each line) and read for the roles of either Jordan Tate (described in the script as, “Jordan Tate is a smart and talented indie documentarian eager to give the real perspective on life in Andromeda”) or Tough Mercenary (who is discussing with another mercenary, according to the script, “some of the difficulties of living on the frontier and being pioneers in a new world.”)

For those of us who aren’t talented orators, it might also be worth checking out the scripts just to see what kind of information about the game might be gleaned about Andromeda. While it may be a leap and based on the scripts, Andromeda might be about the hardships of humanity’s colonization of a new galaxy. Maybe Cerberus, the Council or the Alliance had some sort of failsafe plan in case the Reapers couldn’t be stopped. After all, trailers have shown that beyond the protagonist we presume to be human, there is at least one Asari out there exploring the galaxy with you.

A few (ok, more like ten) years back BioWare set up a booth in West Edmonton Mall (their hometown) offering to scan people’s faces and put them into a future game. A few years later, I swear that I saw my face on the Citadel of Mass Effect 2. As cool as that that was, being a speaking voice would be so much cooler.

Will you be putting your voice into the contest? If so, leave the link to your entry in the comments below to share!

Featured Image Credit: BioWare/EA

*Edited at September 16 6:45AM to clarify location qualifiers for the contest.

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