Bionic Arm Lightsaber Is the Epitome of ‘Elegant Weapon’

Learning to use a lightsaber is obviously critical for a Jedi or Sith. A force-sensitive warrior needs to become one with the “elegant weapon,” learning to wield it as if it were simply an extension of her body. But while the idea of the lightsaber being an appendage is a metaphor in most cases, for self-proclaimed “bionic actress” Angel Giuffria, the bodily connection between the plasma sword and the arm that wields it is very real. Even if the lightsaber is not.

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Real amputee Jedi?! YES! Me & my bionic partner in crime @eatpraynub (Sith) had fun doing a #StarWars cosplay at #SDCC! I’m absolutely loving wearing my lightsaber attachment for my bionic arm – while trying to safely keep my fingers crossed for an audition for @starwars one day. Wouldn’t it be a cool addition to have actual amputees in the film series since there’s so many amputee characters! I’ve been told I look like #CarrieFisher a few times in my life and told I look like #LukeSkywalker a few times too (arms not face I’m assuming?). Here’s me embracing both sides! Thank you to @eatpraynub & @saber_forge for the saber parts!#AngelGiuffriaCosplay #RepresentationMatters #BionicActress #DiversityAndInclusion #amputee #cosplay #starwarscosplay #jedicosplay

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Giuffria, who’s well known on the internet for having one of the coolest bionic hands ever, donned the bionic light blade as part of her Star Wars cosplay at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego. She and her “bionic partner in crime” dressed up as Jedi and Sith, with both actors switching out their normal bionic hands for the lightsaber attachments — which are both gorgeous builds clearly made with love and great attention to detail.

But the bionic arm lightsaber is more than an unforgettable piece of cosplay. In an email, Giuffria told Nerdist that she’d love to see the cinematic Star Wars universe incorporate more amputee characters played by amputee actors like herself. Giuffria noted that “as an actor missing my arm, Star Wars has always felt like the right world/franchise/people that would be the ones to say ‘let’s also call in some actors who are actual amputees or people with limb differences to audition for these parts.'”

Regardless of which direction the Star Wars movies head in, we’re certain we’re going to see many more awesome bionic builds from Giuffria and her associated cosplayers and craftspeople. Apparently, the response to the bionic arm lightsaber was a call for a set of General Grievous lightsabers, which are already in the works.


What do you think of this bionic arm lightsaber? Let us know about your favorite cosplay plasma blade builds in the comments!

Images: Angel Giuffria 

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