BIOHACKERS Trailer Teases a New Thrilling German Sci-fi Series

Netflix has a new German thriller to fill the Dark-sized hole in our hearts. This time, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of biohacking and genetic manipulation. Biohackers, which debuts in August, follows a young woman named Mia who studies medicine at an elite German university. She’s ostensibly there to study under the tutelage of a renowned professor. But really, she’s seeking revenge.

While the trailer doesn’t give too much away, it teases a major connection between Mia and Professor Lorenz. Mia and her younger brother were treated—or experimented on—by Professor Lorenz, who doesn’t appear to recognize a now-adult Mia. The trailer also features a horde of ambitious young scientists working on some very secretive mind-bending experiments. From the secrets to the science, Biohackers is definitely a series that’s going to keep us on our toes.

Here’s the full Netflix synopsis:

From THC chips to genetic enhancements, welcome to the world of Biohacking. When “Mia” (Luna Wedler) begins her medical degree, she seems like any other student. But when she gains the trust of the brilliant Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), it becomes apparent that she’s hiding a secret so big it could change the fate of humanity. From the director of Girlboss (Christian Ditter) comes a thriller that will make you question the makeup of life itself.
Mia and Professor Lorenz looking serious in official Biohackers Image


As the series’ title suggests, Biohackers delves into the world of biohacking, which is the manipulation of a person’s biology for optimized performance and health. While there are many forms of biohacking, the series appears to be focusing on the medical breakthroughs pertaining to genetic enhancements and the risks the characters are willing to take to make these game-changing discoveries. One thing’s for sure, there’s going to be some serious collateral damage.

Season one of Biohackers is coming to Netflix on August 20.

Featured Image: Netflix

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