Man’s self-taught 3D Animated Character is Hilarious

During quarantine, many of us have taken up some hobbies that we never thought we would. Often out of sheer boredom. And thanks to a thread on reddit, we’ve learned about one guy named  Dylan Woodley, who recently did that very same thing. He decided to teach himself 3D animation during the lockdown. And, well… this is what became the fruit of his labors.

Folks, say hello to Bimpson.

We’re not entirely sure what Bimpson is supposed to be, or where he came from. We do know that he guesses correctly who he really freakin’ is, and that he got to take center stage at a rather large theater somewhere in Chicago for a live audience. We also know he has what appears to be two protruding balls on his chin, which makes him at least our second favorite purple-hued character with such an appearance. (The first being Thanos, of course).

Since Bimpson’s reddit debut, his video has been watched over 300,000 times. We are sure that number will grow exponentially.

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. I took a 3D animation class  in college, and by the end of the semester all I could really do was make spider move and a sun rise and set over and over. This person was able to make a character that has gone viral with his very first video. Not bad for someone teaching themselves how to it over just a few short months.

Woodley has other videos on his YouTube channel of a similar silly nature, although it seems he had a five year break in between posting videos. I guess the birth of Bimpson was as good a reason as any to come out of retirement. Bimpson is now well on his way to internet meme stardom, but we just hope that fame doesn’t get to his head. Look what happened to the LOLcats.

Featured Image: Dylan Woodley

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