Bill Nye and Tyler, The Creator Talk the Science Guy’s New Theme Song

Everybody remembers the “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!” chant from the original Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song. (Perhaps you like to sing it when you finally get your check at a restaurant.) But for Nye’s new show that bows on Netflix on April 21, the famous track that let us know it was time to whip out the beakers and measure until the centrifuges fly off has been completely reimagined by — no you didn’t guess it — Tyler, The Creator. As you might expect, the theme for the upcoming  Bill Nye Saves the World is less ’80s wackiness and more, well, distinctly Tyler, The Creator-ish.

In the clip below, Nye and Tyler (can his name just be shortened to Tyler? Mr. Creator?) discuss the original show, as well as the new theme song. Nye notes that the whole idea of the original show was that “the world is the laboratory,” and that if you watch the show and pursue science, you’d find yourself having “the coolest time.” Tyler says the original theme song was “really sick” and that he loves the “fast-pacedness” of it. He also says that without the snare it would work as a house track.

“That show, it go kids to not hate science class,” Tyler says in the video. “And that worked, that full-on worked.” Just like this track works, right? Take a moment to compare it to the original and formulate a hypothesis:

What do you think about the new take? Does it still make you want to Bill-chant? Let us know in the comments below! Low! Low! Low! Low!

Images: Netflix

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