Bill Nye Walks in on Elevator Full of Twerking Girls, Waves Hi

Bill Nye is no stranger to audiences. Bill Nye the Science Guy originally aired in 1993, and ever since Nye has been  a staple of the community that ties together entertainment and science education. But suddenly open up the elevator doors on a group of twerking college-age girls in front of the Science Guy and it seems he becomes just as flustered as anybody. When trapped amongst five dancing, giggling, oh-my-God-ing girls, Bill Nye went with the Bill Hi.

The video, which comes via Sploid, was captured by Savanah Prosch who was in Las Vegas with her friends attending the Life Is Beautiful music and arts festival where Nye himself was a speaker. Apparently, the elevator made for some excellent twerking space — it’s important that it be confined that way whomever you’re twerking up on cannot escape — and the phones came out for some chats de Snap. And then the doors opened, and there was Nye, the Netflix host and science moderator extraordinaire in his trademark suit and bowtie startled and yet intrigued by a group of native Las Vegas party people. (Although not literally native, of course.)Prosch told the IBTimes that Nye “wasn’t expecting to see a bunch of girls try to pretend like they weren’t just doing something he definitely saw,” and that he was “super nice and polite though; said hello girls [emphasis added], asked if we wanted pictures.”

Although Prosch’s tweet containing the Snap video has gone super viral, earning more than 260,000 retweets and 760,000 likes, it seems Nye still hasn’t directly commented on it. Although he did post this little cheeky video (below), clearly poking fun at the whole situation.

What do you think of Bill Nye’s response to this elevator full of twerking girls? How would you have reacted in such a twerk-tastic situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Image: The Planetary Society

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