Why BILL AND TED’s Daughters Could Save the World

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey ended with the promise the Wyld Stallyns would save the universe with a song. But the first trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music reveals they never actually managed to write that track. So what went wrong? Why, despite being able to travel through time, have they been unable to pen the number that will “unite the world and save reality as we know it?” Because they might not be the Bill and Ted who will. Their daughters could be the ones to write it.

And if they do they won’t just fulfill the destiny of Bill and Ted. They’ll lead the franchise into a new generation.

The first trailer for the long-awaited sequel shows Bill and Ted’s failure to write their universe-saving song hasn’t come from a lack of effort. “Bill, we’ve spent our whole life trying to write the song that will unite the world,” says Keanu Reeve’s Ted. After Holland Taylor’s Great Leader calls them out, they travel to their own future. They have theoretically already written the song, so the pair plan to “steal it” from themselves.

Only that won’t work. Future Bill and Ted are muscle-bound, angry prisoners. The song doesn’t seem to exist. Unless something changes, the pair will seemingly never write it.

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But we know from the movie’s official synopsis they will get plenty of help trying.

“The stakes are higher than ever for the time-traveling exploits of William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan. The now middle aged best friends set out on a new adventure to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe, helped by their daughters, a new batch of historical figures and a few music legends.”

Their daughters will be played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine. Weaving will star as Ted’s daughter Billie Logan, and Lundy-Paine as Bill’s daughter Thea Preston.

Billie and Thea.

Yes, Bill and Ted basically named their daughters Bill and Ted.

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Maybe the Wyld Stallyns have never written the song because the universe has been waiting on the wrong Bill and Ted. That would explain 25 years of failure and a future of performing rock shows in the prison yard.

Young Billie and Thea could pick up the guitar mantle handed to them by their fathers. They could save the universe. Then Weaving and Lundy-Paine could “save” the franchise. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves can’t play dumb adorable rockers forever. (Well, maybe they could, but we doubt they’d want to.) But the fantastic premise of the Bill & Ted franchise means it could—and should—rock on for years.

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But if Bill & Ted Face the Music is the swan song for the two lovable goofs from San Dimas who took us on an Excellent Adventure and a Bogus Journey, their third film could give them a fitting goodbye while also handing that time-traveling phone booth off to a new generation.

The old B & T could finally write that song—with the help of the young Bill and Ted.

Now that would be a most excellent way to party on.

Mikey Walsh is a staff writer at Nerdist. You can follow him on Twitter at  @burgermike, and also anywhere someone is ranking the Targaryen kings.

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