This Gigantic Folding Knife Actually Works, So Steer Clear

It’s one thing to have a gigantic knife, especially if you need to fight gigantic spiders. But it’s a whole different thing to have a supersized folding knife that can spring open with a single touch. That’s a little scary. And although a bit terrifying to look at, this giant folding knife seems mainly to have manifested so we can cut giant hot dogs. And also, you know, for science. Fair enough… Fair enough.

Creator The Q shares:

Here is another great idea – make largest fully working folding knife! It looks and works just like a normal knife but much bigger! It lengths is more than 120 cm.

“Great idea” here feels like a sentiment that may not be fully universal. But the giant knife certainly looks cool. And we can imagine no spider and no sausage would stand in our way if we wielded it. But with great power comes great responsibility and we don’t know if we have that much responsibility in us. Honestly, even picking up this huge blade seems too scary to consider. What if it sprung open without warning? No, thank you.

A giant knife cutting a giant hot dog or sausage
The Q

That said, watching this piece come together does thrill us. The Q walks us through every step of their process. The knife is definitely a well-made piece. And as far as we can tell, no one was harmed in its creation. Phew. Finally, the handle goes onto the blade and the giant knife comes together fully. The creator demonstrates again how it can spring instantaneously open and we gulp every time. This feels like science on the edge. But we guess scientists and engineers have to live dangerously sometimes too.

At last, the big sausage gets chopped and we all applaud. Perhaps this giant knife flies too close to the sun. But on the bright side, it doesn’t exactly fit easily into a pocket or backpack. For now, we’ll leave giant knives to giants and go on our merry way.

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