This Working Playstation 4 Controller is Almost As Big As You Are

The DualShock 4 Playstation 4 controller is an outstanding peripheral because of how ergonomic it is and how practical and easy it is to use. It has a good weight and for most players, it’s the exact right size to fit comfortably in your hands. However, if you run into a gamer that’s forty feet tall, this giant, functioning PS4 controller might be ideal for them.

The mega controller is currently on display at the Sony Interactive Entertainment building in Tokyo, and the folks from Japanese publication Gigazine, went on over to check it out and discovered that it’s totally possible to play the new remastered release of PaRappa the Rapper, as seen in the video above. The D-pad, circle, square, triangle, X, Options, Share, and shoulder buttons work just fine, but the thumbsticks aren’t functional, nor is the TouchPad. Still, the functioning light bar in the back of the controller is a nice touch, and as far as appearances, it’s very accurate. The photo above is a standard-sized controller, but you won’t find much difference between it and the photos of the giant version here.

If we have one gripe with this magnificent behemoth, it’s that the button presses are pretty loud, but then again, this is also a novelty experience, so we’d probably put up with it if we were ever given the chance to use it. We wish we knew who made this thing, because they did an excellent job scaling up one of the finest gaming controllers of all time.

The PS4 controller is obviously great, but is it your favorite, or do you have another preference? Head down to the comments and let us know!

 Featured Image: Pete Slater/Flickr

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