Big Hero 6 Star wants to be the Next Robin

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The notion of the “Robin” alter ego being held by more than one person over the years is an aspect of Bat-mythology that’s yet to be explored in any movie. The original, and most famous, Robin is obviously Dick Grayson. However, the vandalized costume seen on display in the Batcave in Dawn of Justice most likely belongs to Jason Todd, the second Robin (whom Suicide Squad confirmed was murdered by Joker and Harley). If Ben Affleck’s solo picture sees the caped crusader recruiting a replacement for his fight against Deathstroke, the role could certainly by taken by criminal heir Stephanie Brown, or Bruce’s son, Damian. However, if the DC Extended Universe stays true to the comics’ line of succession, then fan-turned-pro Tim Drake would really have to be the next Robin.

If that all just sounded like research for some pop culture history paper, then you’ve got a sense of the homework actor Ryan Potter put into his little audition video below (along with the rigorous training).

Potter recently voiced the boy genius Hiro in Disney’s animated film Big Hero 6, and now he’s being more than a little proactive about landing a Boy Wonder role. Along with martial artists from Force Storm Entertainment, he runs through a stunt routine in line with the kind of brutal ballet of Batman’s fight scenes in Dawn of Justice. Long time Batman fans will note him using a bō staff throughout a good chunk of the scuffle–notable because it is, in fact, Tim Drake’s weapon of choice.

At the end, Potter directly address Mr. Affleck, alluding to even more deep-cut specifics of Robin III’s origin. Drake isn’t an orphan like the first two Robins. Rather, he’s a super fan who notices Batman going off the edge after Todd’s death and actively auditions to be a replacement–pretty much just like Potter’s doing here.

Would Potter make a good Boy Wonder? Does Batman truly need a Robin? Drop your thoughts in the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: Force Storm Ent.

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