BIG HERO 6’s Baymax Comes to Life in New Disney IRL Video (Exclusive)

When you think of lovable characters introduced in Disney animated films, the list is long. Very long. It’s part of what the brand is built on. Even though Big Hero 6 only brought Baymax into the picture a few years ago in 2014, the healthcare robot immediately comes to mind. He’s thoughtful, caring, and ridiculously huggable. To that end, we’re excited to share an exclusive look at a new Disney IRL video featuring Baymax coming to life–as in Baymax walking around the beach and talking and interacting with bemused passersby.

Why wasn’t I at the beach that day?

The Disney IRL videos from Oh My Disney mash together animated characters with the real world. For example, in the past they’ve featured a real dog as Doug from Up and fitted him with a collar with a built-in speaker to create a talking dog. In the case of Baymax, Disney has an impeccable Baymax costume on hand that looks like it was transported out of the film. With the robot’s kind comments, friendly nature, and movie-like moments (he chases a soccer ball!), it’s hard to believe that Baymax doesn’t actually exist in IRL.

But maybe he does?

I’m glad we’ll see more of Baymax when Big Hero 6: The Series premieres on Disney XD, but I want to know if it’s possible to have an IRL Baymax make office and home visits. Drop to the comments and let me know if you’d hire Baymax as your personal healthcare companion, hug machine, fist-bumping friend, or all of the above.

Featured Image: Disney

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