BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 Looks Epic, Solicits User-Created Art

There’s a lot we could say about what Ubisoft just showed off at E3 with their second Beyond Good and Evil game. Like that it’s a prequel to the first one, and the previous game’s hero, Jade, appears to be an antagonist in this one. But really, you just need to see this, and marvel..

So there’s your set-up. In this action-adventure RPG, you’ll be able to seamlessly visit other planets, battle on a large and small scale either in one-on-one fights or with big ol’ spaceships. You’ll have to assemble a crew, and survive in a space where galaxies are starting to collide, as a single-player on in co-op mode, with a male or female avatar. Here’s a full breakdown of what you just saw, and what you need to know about what you’re seeing.

To help create the worlds you’ll visit, which all include their own distinct, living arts and culture, Ubisoft is partnering with Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s Hit Record online community of collaborators. Yes, you could see your own art or hear your own music in this game, but it’s a really big game, so there’s lots of room and it might take a fair bit of searching to find your own.

Different planets will have different ways to enhance your ship, and decisions you make may effect events on other worlds by the time you get there. Just, whatever you do…don’t eat the space chili.

Are you as gobsmacked as we were after watching all that? Let us know in comments below!

Images: Ubisoft

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