BETTER CALL SAUL’s Season 6 Trailer Is an Ominous Start to the End

Saul Goodman has come a long way. And that’s true in a lot of ways. Bob Odenkirk’s slimy lawyer with a fondness for tacky suits was just one of many players in Walter White’s crystal meth game. So Saul was not the most obvious character to get his own prequel spinoff. But through five incredible seasons the man once known as Jimmy McGill has delivered a show that more than stands on its own merits. With a great final season it can seemingly do something once thought impossible— be even better than Breaking Bad. And the first trailer for Better Call Saul‘s swan song suggests it just might. Because Jimmy McGill isn’t the only one headed down a path of destruction.

For a sleazebag who can sell anything with a smile, this trailer sure is ominous. It doesn’t reveal much about the final season’s plot, other than the fact Jimmy could be in all sorts of trouble from every direction possible. But it does set the tone for what should be a dangerous end for all involved. Even those who we know will survive—like Mike and Gus—are destined for bleak endings.

But those whose fate we don’t know yet—especially Kim, Nacho, and Lalo—remain up in the air with little hope things will work out for any of them. And any hope we did have disappeared as soon as we watched this foreboding trailer.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman on Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman seemingly has it the worst, though. His newest clients know him by that name. They also know him as the Salamanca family’s man. That might be good for bringing in the customers. But it’s not an ideal position if you enjoy living a peaceful life. Good thing for us it should help make for an amazing final season.

The Better Call Saul farewell season debuts with two back-to-back episodes on AMC and AMC+ on Monday, April 18.

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