BETTER CALL SAUL Season 4 Trailer Promises BREAKING BAD Connections

Each season of Better Call Saul, the flawed but lovable Jimmy McGill gets closer to becoming the monster we all know, and the first official trailer for the show’s upcoming fourth season promises the biggest, most explosive step yet on his tragic journey.

The closer he gets to fully embracing Saul Goodman, the more his story begins to touch upon the drug underworld from Breaking Bad.

The first full promo for the season opens with Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy mourning the death of his brother Chuck. The trailer was released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where the cast of Breaking Bad reunited for the show’s 10th anniversary. But with all the familiar faces from that series in this Better Call Saul trailer, it looks like many of them have already reunited plenty of times on set.

It was always inevitable that the events of the two shows would overlap more and more, but it looks like this season could be where Jimmy and Mike get themselves fully invested with Gus Fring and the rest of the drug trade in the Southwest. That means we are about to see the most action-packed season of the show yet. Better Call Saul has had no problem taking its time exploring how Jimmy became Saul, but things tend to speed up when meth is involved. (#NailedIt)

We love Jimmy so we wish we didn’t know how this story ends, but it looks like getting there will be a lot of fun.

Better Call Saul returns to AMC on August 6th.

Featured Image: AMC

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